Web Production Specialist

Central Limit is the business unit of Robin Regnier and Soccer Webmasters, providing complete web production & development solutions for small and medium business sizes.

Complete Solutions

As an experienced web producer, I provide client-centric solutions to web business needs including, but not limited to:

Customer-Centric Principles

My working relationships with clients are based on the philosophy to provide the best solutions that fit the client's budget, starting with a general interview process where I can collect as much information as possible to learn about what the business does, the end-goals the business wants from the project, and any current marketing materials the business may already have.

At every step of the process, I strive to make sure the client is informed and updated on the progress of their project and that their feedback is encouraged and at times, needed.

I've found that informed clients and those open to being educated on the benefits (and drawbacks) of internet-related projects are the clients that tend to be the most successful.

In a nutshell, my success is greatly dependent upon their success.